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Alice Hall / artist

Alice Hall’s work is a personal journey, a compilation of thoughts and memory. Her interest lies in understanding and decoding layers of meaning. Through her images, she attempts to understand herself and her perception of the world, situations and objects around her, and visually decipher the way that these are affected by the filter of past experiences and held belief systems. Suspended, like planets in orbit yet simultaneously transitory and constantly being reshaped, these layers are mirrored back by what is being observed. Using subtle detail and softness, underneath each image and body of work lies an intrinsic desire to represent and share the ever present beauty of life.

Brunno Silva / curator

Brunno is a curator, art consultant, and writer based in Berlin. Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, he has a long interest in contemporary art with a passion for time-based artworks. Brunno has been living in Berlin since 2013 and during this time he has gained an intimate relationship with Berlin’s art scene.
He also resided in London for the last two years where he studied art history and art business at Sotheby’s Institute of Art. During his studies, he also further developed his knowledge of London’s art scene, and most importantly its links and networks with the German capital.
As a curator, Brunno has curated exhibitions in Berlin, Southern Italy, and the UK. Working mostly with emerging artists and young, dynamic institutions, he believes that being an active part of the contemporary art world through curating is essential.

Colin Booth / artist

Colin Booth was born in Gateshead and lives and works in St Leonards on Sea. He has had solo shows at the De La Warr Pavilion, Herbert Read Gallery, James Hockey Gallery, V&A Museum of Childhood, Laing Art Gallery and more recently at University La Cambre in Brussels and MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) London. In 2018 he was a finalist in the Chaiya Art Awards and was selected for the 38th EVA International in Limerick. His work also featured in the Whitstable Biennial and will appear in the new Thames & Hudson publication, The Word is Art, written by Michael Petry.

Henrique Neves / artist

Henrique Neves (Lisbon, 1965) studied art in Lisbon (Maumaus, School of Visual Arts) and art theory in London (Goldsmiths College). He has exhibited in Portugal, France and the UK. Recently, he was one of the finalists of the MAC International 2016 (Belfast).

In his artistic practice, Neves quotes and appropriates personal/family memories and national narratives to transform and dislocate them, in a process that starts from something, an artefact, a given fact, or a single image that he transfigures in order to unravel meaning and emotion. Neves is a multi-media artist with a stark interest in manual processes and physicality, working with an array of every-day materials such as paper, textiles, wood, to create sculptures, drawings and installations.

Jae Kyung Kim / artist

Kim is a Berlin based media artist and also is the director of, art book platform located in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. She studied Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art in London, UK.

Kim’s work aims to draw attention to the illusion of digital media that frames our experiential perception of space, with projects that focus on tactile and sensory experience. These are informed by integrated processes of sculptural installation, visualisation and materiality. She creates immersive experiences between people, objects and space. 

Her works have been showcased at the Glogauair and Centrum in Berlin(2017), BAK in Utrecht(2015), the Science Museum, the V&A Digital Futures series, Royal Institute of British Architects in London(2014), Museum of Medieval in Stockholm(2013) and various conferences. 

Simon Isaac / artist

The technological world is moving at a rapid pace and only a percentage of the planet’s people are part of it. Art plays its part in this accelerated progress with a constant focus on the here and now presented in infinite, realistic detail. Simon Isaac is interested in unravelling such changes through his simultaneous choices regarding medium and subject. In his artworks, Simon searches a conciliation between our immediate and remote future creating images that transit between the fantastic, the sublime and the real. His reflections are largely inspired by his upbringing in industrial Wales, whilst focusing on technologically driven changes in the art world. Beyond technology driven observation, Simon instigates visitors to locate and allocate human narratives that inevitably surface in his compositions.


VentaCorp / artist collective

VentaCorp is a UK based artist collective comprising of four members. Working predominantly within film and installation their work concerns its self with themes of Ideology and Science Fiction. Asking questions about the role of art under Late-Capitalism and art and cultures potential to influence society at large.
Members: Edward May (1992), Tom Austin (1994), Robert Ive (1995), Oscar Lyons (1994)
In 2017 VentaCorp released the feature-length film Orbis, you can see Orbis and other works on their Vimeo account: